News from Laughing Bird HQ

Diversity, Lavender and Bees

Drifting into thoughts fuelled by a workshop full of the billowing fragrance of Lavender distillate made fresh from fields of dusky mauve,  I wondered …

Choosing ingredients

Choosing ingredients for our products has been one of the most exciting parts of making our range, and with a few new products on the

Workshop Update

The Laughing Bird’s production room is nearing completion, we love it and are wishing it was our own home kitchen. Beechwood workbenches all made to

Brassica Napus Seed Oil

A little piece about Brassica Napus Seed Oil, otherwise known as Rapeseed Oil.  The Rapeseed oil used in our products is a premium quality pressed

Celebrating Borage

Borage is such a pretty flower and, even more, it produces a prolific amount of seeds which can be cold pressed to obtain a wonderful

Our new HQ

We cant wait to be able to work from our new head quarters. Its the old village water mill but there’s not enough bits left

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