Sourced from Africa, Wales and our own garden…

Just some of the natural ingredients that go into our productsWe do our best to source good quality ingredients from happy companies, our garden, local farmers and beekeepers.

We make non alcoholic extracts from fresh mint, rosemary and bilberry leaves which grow abundantly in our garden, use honey from our own bees and fresh goat’s milk from our two Anglo Nubians Yum Yum and Mitzu plus their neighbor Sally Mally.

From Wales we have the finest slate powder from the famous Penrhyn Quarry, lavender water from Welsh Lavender Ltd and unbleached, unrefined beeswax from our hives and Peter, a veteran Conwy beekeeper.

From a fair trade and organic certified cooperative based in Ghana, we buy Grade A raw shea butter and cocoa butter. The cocoa beans, used to produce the raw cocoa butter which goes into all of our soaps, are sourced from small scale, mainly family run farms in Uganda. Our premium cocoa butter comes from Ghana.

The palm oil in our soaps is Prep™Palm who support the GreenPalm certification programme, an international scheme to promote production of sustainable palm oil worldwide.

For more interesting ingredient information please see our list of FAQs.

Our  well-being accessories are made in Germany by a family owned business est. 1935. The story is that Freidrich, losing his sight aged four, was sent to the Soest school for the blind to learn the traditional craft of brush making.   Later, and married with three sons he continued with his trade, creating a small hand made brush company  to support his family.  After his death the youngest son and his wife decided to take stock and see what was what.  It was decided to continue and grow the business so from their living room to a renovated barn to warehouse buildings they are now an international success, but the best thing is they still hold tight to their policy of using natural and environmentally sound materials  for their beautifully designed products.