Brassica Napus Seed Oil

A little piece about Brassica Napus Seed Oil, otherwise known as Rapeseed Oil. 

The Rapeseed oil used in our products is a premium quality pressed and filtered oil from UK producers across the eastern seaboard. It is rich in Oleic Acid and other important skin lipids and is readily absorbed with a light skin feel, similar in many ways to oils such as Olive and Sweet Almond.

The British Isles have long been a hotbed of research into and development of, novel oil seed crops. Our rich soil, ideal climate and deep agricultural history have supported the innovation of many of the high value nutritional oils used today, from rapeseed to borage. Using UK crops for oils helps to support the UK farming community through increased income potential and crop diversity.

The growing demand for industrial crops, including biofuel, has reduced the biodiversity of the countryside, with many oil rich plants being removed from planting programmes.

Many of these novel crops rely on insect pollination and play a key role in sustaining a healthy bee colony during the late summer months, a time other commercial crops have been harvested.

The loss of these crops from the countryside has played a part in the decline in the UK bee population. We don’t keep bees anymore having moved to a home with a much smaller garden but of course we still care about them.

The Bee Friendly Project at NorthStar Lipids is helping to raise awareness of the diverse range of novel oil seed crops that can be grown in the UK and those which have a mutually beneficial relationship with honeybees. And by increasing biodiversity and crop availability, create the right environment to create healthier, more sustainable bee colonies throughout the UK.

We are lucky such companies exist to allow us to purchase oils from UK oil seed crops!

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