About Us

About Us

We are driven by a love of the natural world, the simple pleasures in life and making our micro business something that supplies not only great skincare but happiness too.

Since our 2010 Country Living article, we have been constantly aware and delighted by the many repeat customers we have, and so we aim to always deliver the very best in our products, the designs, customer service and care.

All our products are formulated here by ourselves, tested on ourselves, safety assessed by those qualified and then, once given the approval, made very regularly in small batches.

Potting is also done in-house using our hand operated machine to fill our glass and aluminium jars.

Plastic free paper labels are neatly applied to our products which are then are packaged for mail order or trade retail using our no frills fully recyclable and compostable materials.

We love using key ingredients made from UK โ€œBee Friendlyโ€ crops and novel UK grown oil seed crops for diversification projects in farming alongside quality skincare marvels from Europe and beyond.

We also love handing our creations to our designer to create labels that showcase the wonderful world of plants.

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