Honesty (Lunaria) Oil, a great addition to our ingredients list…

Body Balm with white poppy and honesty seed oil by Laughing Bird

It’s always exciting when a truly great new seed oil comes on the market for skincare, especially when the environmental impact of production is low. We were so delighted with our sample of Honesty Seed Oil that we formulated a body balm to show case it.

The oil is liquid at room temperature but turns into a thick white past when cooler, we love oils that do this as they have such a rich and luxurious feel and form an effective barrier against moisture loss so enhancing skin hydration and generally giving the skin a more plumped up and healthy appearance.

We combined it with easily absorbed white poppy seed oil which contains a good amount of vitamin e and is also great for the skin and great for pollinators at the same time. Both oils are grown here in the UK so a wonderful variation crop for farmers too.

For more information about Honesty Oil see our ingredients page

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