Small unrefined shea butter by Laughing Bird

Unrefined Shea Butter 120ml (Small)


100% pure shea butter. Our unrefined shea butter is an intensive natural moisturiser rich in vitamins A and E and provides relief for very dry and chapped skin.

Our pure shea butter is made by a certified organic women’s cooperative in Ghana, West Africa and is of the finest, creamiest quality. Earth ovens are used to roast the shea nuts, which are then ground and mixed with hot water into a paste resembling chocolate cake mix. Then cold water is added, the mix is brought to the boil and the separated shea butter, looking like vanilla ice cream, is scooped into big bowls ready for use.

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Our pure shea butter is also available in 500ml.


Raw butyrospermium parkii (100% pure shea butter)

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