Festive recycling ideas

Festive recycling ideas

A few ways to get your old Laughing Bird jars into the festive spirit…

An idea from our illustrator’s daughter. Paint your jar white then paint on a carrot nose and dots for the eyes and mouth. Add a nightlight to make him glow!

Make a snow globe. Make a 3-D scene by gluing the scene onto the lid or you could paint on the glass or add a picture. Add glitter, fake snow balls or confetti to make it snow.

Create Christmas tree decorations from Laughing Bird jar lids. You could punch holes to make a pattern or decorate with old Christmas cards or wrapping paper. Punch a hole at the top, thread through a ribbon and it’s ready to hang on your tree.

Create festive lanterns by painting the inside of the jar with glass paint. Mask off shapes like stars or snowflakes before you paint to allow flickering light to shine through. Once dry add a night light and enjoy the festive glow!

Use wire to create a handle if you want to carry or hang it – please make sure it’s really secure.

How many mince pies are needed before you feel festive? If you make your own mincemeat, our jars will be perfect for storage. Throughly wash and sterilise our large jars before you start and happy cooking!

Our cute little lip balm jars make lovely little Christmas decorations. Decorate how you like the add some wire to hang them on your tree. Fill with tiny treats if you like!